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ecoPayz is a global banking service provider that has been in operation since 2000. The company appeals to many casinos, thanks to its focus on safety and innovations. When you use ecoPayz to deposit or withdraw your casino winnings, you are sure that the process is safe. ecoPayz has upgraded its services over the years to create a seamless and easy-to-use system.

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ecoPayz has risen to be among the most renowned names in the casino industry, and so many other people use the service. It is in competition with Skrill, Neteller, and PayPal. In market size, the company is only behind Skrill and Neteller.  
The rise of eWallets in casinos has made ecoPayz popular. You can use it to send and receive funds with ease without putting your credit card or your money at risk. You will find several ecoPayz online casino sites where you can play for real money.  
The partnership between ecoPayz and MasterCard strengthened the trust that people had in the service. Below is a complete review of the payment service for casino players.  

The History of ecoPayz

ecoPayz is a payment service under the company PSI-Pay Ltd. The FCA-regulated company started in 2000 as ecoCard. After being in the payment industry for more than two decades, the service has strong roots to offer trustworthy services.  
ecoPayz submitted to FCA regulations in 2008. PSI-Pay Ltd submitted to regulations under the Financial Services and Markets Act of 2000. The company also adheres to the EU Directive on Electronic Money. In the same year, the company received authorisation from the FSA (Financial Services Authority) to act as a specialised electronic money issuer. This meant that the company was to follow regulations and be open to supervision by the FSA.  
In 2009, PSI-Pay Ltd partnered with MasterCard, so the company turned into a card issuer. In the same year, ecoPayz made their services easier by launching a mobile app for iPhones. Players in casinos that accept ecoPayz can now deposit and withdraw money with ease.  
In 2010, ecoPayz online casino sites had more reason to celebrate as the payment provider introduced 24/7 support. Users could access multilingual support. A year later, the company launched the Business Account section that deals with salaries for companies worldwide.  
It was not until 2013 that ecoCard rebranded to ecoPayz. This was a move that enabled the company to distinguish its solutions to its brand. In the same year, the company launched their mobile site to make their services accessible to more people.  
In 2014, ecoPayz re-launched their ecoVirtualCard and their ecoAccount application for users on iOS and Android devices.  
Today, ecoPayz is the third largest eWallet payment service provider. They follow regulations from the relevant regulatory authorities such as the Financial Conduct Authority, Payment Card Industry and Data Security Standards, and many others.  

How does an ecoPayz Casino Work?

Customers on ecoPayz online casino sites only need an ecoAccount. The account allows them to send or receive money from anywhere in the world in one of 45 currencies. Users can top up this private online account any time and then deposit money in their casino account without entering their personal details every time they do so. 
As a customer, you can have up to three ecoCards in any currencies you choose. These cards allow you to send or receive money from anywhere in the globe. You can have your ecoAccount in one of five levels: 
• Classic  
• Silver 
• Gold  
• Platinum 
• VIP 
At the highest level, you enjoy free shipping of your ecoCard, lower transaction fees, and higher transfer limits. These levels are the same as the levels that the competitors, Skrill and Neteller, offer.  
Besides their conventional ecoCard, ecoPayz also allows users to have a virtual one-time-use card. You can top up the card and use it in sites that accept MasterCard. After a single use, the virtual card expires and no one can steal it and use it again.  
You can also access your eWallet account through the ecoPayz iOS and Android app. The app comes at no cost. Two other solutions offered by ecoPayz are the ecoPayz Business Account and the ecoPayz Merchant Account. The former allows businesses to send money to employees and other parties with ease. The Merchant Account is for businesses that need to accept payment through ecoPayz.   

What Should I Know about Depositing with ecoPayz?

Deposits are easy in an ecoPayz online casino. To do that, you only need a funded ecoAccount.  
ecoPayz allows you to fund your free account directly from your bank or using a credit/debit card. There are also other funding options, including PayPal, Skrill, and MasterCard. After funding your account, you are all set to start playing in an ecoPayz casino.  
You need to find the best casino online to play once your account has funds. We have a list of casinos that accept ecoPayz. We only recommend the best casinos out of the many that accept the service. If you browse online casinos today, you will note that more than 80 percent accept the payment service. However, not all these offer the best services, so we place them on a rigorous review process. While at it, we test their security, games, customer support, and other services.  
Making a deposit in a casino is easy. Open the casino site and click on the ecoPayz logo. Click on the logo and follow prompts. You will need to sign into your wallet to initiate the payment. Enter the amount you need to deposit and then submit. 
The service processes your payment within minutes, and you are good to start playing.  

What Should I Know about Withdrawing with ecoPayz?

Although ecoPayz processes deposits and withdrawals within minutes, the casino might delay you. When you initiate the withdrawal process, the casino might place your request on “pending.” Casinos do so to allow them time to verify the withdrawal request before releasing your funds. It is a security features that ensures you do not lose your money.  

Once the casino approves the withdrawal request, they will release your money in to your ecoAccount instantly. From there, you can transfer the money to your bank or to another account.  

The casino you play on will determine how long it takes for you to receive your winnings. We recommend casinos that offer fast payouts, but there are delays sometimes.  

You never have to give your credit card details to the casinos, whether you are depositing or withdrawing from the casino.  

During ecoPayz deposits and withdrawals, you can combine ecoPayz to other payment services. These include: 

• PayPal: You can send money to and from PayPal from and into your ecoPayz account. Because millions of people use PayPal, it is an easy method to fund the ecoPayz account or receive money from the ecoPayz account.  
• Skrill: Skrill is the top online payment service for several casino sites. While it is a great service, players using this service may not receive casino bonuses. Players can ensure this does not happen by transferring their money from Skrill to ecoPayz.  
• MasterCard: When you need to avoid giving casinos your credit card information, you transfer funds from MasterCard to ecoPayz. You can also send money from ecoPayz to MasterCard if need be.  

What Are the Benefits of Using an ecoPayz Casino?

ecoPayz has survived the past two decades, making it one of the longest running eWallet services. We scoured the internet looking for reviews and complaints about the service. There are no major complaints. People are instead happy with the service.  

Some of the benefits that the service offers include: 

• ecoPayz processes deposits and withdrawals within minutes. If there are delays with your withdrawal, call the casino and ask for help.  
• You need to fund the card before you can deposit into a casino. This allows you to budget and to not overextend the money you spend in a casino.  
• The service is easy to use as all you need to do is create an account and fund the wallet. After that, you will follow prompts to deposit or withdraw from an ecoPayz online casino. Again, the wallet does not charge anything.  
• You can join any of the four tiers to enjoy several rewards. The higher up you climb on the tiers, the better the rewards. There are several perks and promotions even for customers on the lowest tiers. Better still, casinos will not sideline ecoPayz users when it comes to bonuses.  
• ecoPayz is acceptable in more than 80 percent of casinos online. This way, you are sure your favourite casino offers the option.  
• ecoPayz uses the latest online security technology to keep you safe. As a regulated electronic money service provider, the service follows regulations and standards set by various authorities.

What are the Advantages of Using ecoPayz Over Other Methods?

ecoPayz is currently in a head-to-head competition with Neteller. Skrill is also a competitor, but some casinos do not offer bonuses to Skrill users. This leads to several gamblers staying away from Skrill.  
Neteller is currently the most popular online e-Wallet service with casinos. Both Neteller and ecoPayz allow one online account for players. ecoPayz offers 45 currencies while Neteller offers 28 – a win for ecoPayz.  
Both accounts do not charge account management fees. However, if you do not use your account for 12 consecutive months, ecoPayz charges you €1.50 while Neteller charges you $5.00 per month.  
You can receive money in your Neteller or ecoPayz account for free. However, when you need to send money to a casino account, Neteller charges you 1.45%, and a minimum of $0.50 for all transactions. ecoPayz allows free transactions.  
When you need to deposit money into your ecoPayz or Neteller account, there are fees involved. Neteller charges 2.5% of the money you deposit with any method you choose. ecoPayz has no charges for bank transfer and low charges for instant bank transfer and credit cards.  
There are so many instances where ecoPayz beats Neteller. Although Neteller still has the highest number of customers, ecoPayz is cheaper and easier to use.  
Compared to credit cards, ecoPayz offers more security to gamblers. You can deposit and withdraw as much as you can with credit cards. You only need to be in a high-tier account.  

FAQ – ecoPayz Casino

At what countries is ecoPayz available?

ecoPayz is available in more than 200 countries. You will find an ecoPayz online casino in one of the countries below:

Aland Islands, Alabania, Anguilla, Antarctica, Andorra,Antigua and Barbuda, Armenia, Aruba, Australia, Argentina, Austria, Bahamas, Bangladesh, Bahrain, Belgium, Barbados, Belize, Bermuda, Benin, Bolivia, Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba, Bouvet Island, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Bulgaria, British Indian Ocean Territory, Burundi, Burkina Faso, Canada, Cameroon, Cape Verde, CAR, Cayman Islands, Chile, Chad, China, Christmas Island, Colombia, Comoros, Congo, Cocos Islands, DRC, Cook Islands, Costa Rica, Croatia, Cote d’Ivore, Curacao, Czech republic, Cyprus, Dominica, Denmark, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Savador, Egypt, Equatorial Guinea, Estonia, Faroe Islands, Falkland Islands, Finland, Fiji, France, Gabon, Gambia, Georgia, Ghana, Gibraltar, Germany, Greece, Greenland, Guadeloupe, Grenada, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Guernsey, Guyana, Heard and McDonald Islands, Hong Kong, Honduras, Hungary, Inida, Iceland, Iraq, Isles of Man, Ireland, Italy, Israel, Japan, Jordan, Jersey, Kenya, Kuwait, Korea, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Latvia, Luxembourg, Macao, Mecedonia, Malawi, Maldives, Mali, Malaysia, Malta, Mauritania, Mexico, Mauritius, Moldova, Mayotte, Monaco, Mongolia, Montenegro, Morocco, Montserrat, Mozabique, Nepal, Netherlands, New Caledonia, New Zealand, Niger, Nicaragua, Norforl Island, Norway, Oman, Nigeria, Pakistan, Palau, Peru, Papua New Guinea, Paraguay, Philippines, Poland, Pitcairn, Portugal, Qatar, Romania, Reunion, Saint Helena, Russian Federation, Rwanda, Saint Lucia, Saint Barthelemy, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Saint Martin, Saint Pierre and Miquelon, Saint Vincent and Grenadines, Samoa, San Marino, Serbia, Seychelles, Singapore, Senegal, Sao Tome and Principe, Saudi Arabia, Sint Maarten, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Suriname, Sri Lanka, Svalbard and Jan Mayen, Switzerland, Togo, Trinidad and Tobago, Tonga, Timor-Leste, Thailand, Taiwan, Tanzania, Turkey, Tunisia, Turkmenistan, Turks and Caicos Islands, Uganda, Ukraine, UAE, Uruguay, Uzbekistan, UK, Virgin Islands, Venezuela, Wallis and Futuna, Zambia, and Zimbabwe.

Are ecoPayz casinos Safe to Play?

ecoPayz is a licensed and regulated payment service provider. The company under which the service operates, PSI-Pay Ltd, uses advanced Fraud Detection Engine to keep everyone safe. This is an in-house tool by the service provider designed to keep transactions secure.

The tool uses a rule-based system that ensures merchants and their customers transact safely. They use transactional analysis and the study of online behavior to detect and stop fraud.

Besides the in-house tool, PSI-Pay uses several third party data security companies to verify the identity of every user. This way, no dubious account will get access to the ecoAccount. Further, a team of in-house analysts ensure that all suspicious behavior and activities do not exacerbate to online fraud.

What is the Minimum Amount I Can Deposit via ecoPayz?

TYou can deposit as little as you want using ecoPayz. This makes it an ideal payment service for small-budget gamblers who want to have fun. This is also great for people who set low budgets for their gambling activities. However, there are limitations on how much you can deposit to your ecoPayz account – that is capped at 10 Euros.

What is the Maximum Amount I Can Deposit via ecoPayz?

he largest single transaction you can make using your account is 2,500 Euros. This means that users in the higher tiers of the account can have more to withdraw and deposit. There are limits on deposits and transfers to and from other accounts, but the maximum is capped at 2,500 Euros. You can increase the amount of money you send every day by climbing up the user account tiers.

Do I have to pay fees?

ecoPayz does not charge you to deposit or withdraw from an ecoPayz online casino. However, you will pay some fees when you deposit to ecoPayz from another account and when you send money from ecoPayz to another account. These are minor fees that will not break your bank. Note that, the casino you play on might charge you withdrawal fees, which are a percentage of the amount you wish to withdraw. From the service side, all transactions are free. This means you have to choose a casino that does not charge any fees.

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