Entropay is a simple way for online gaming players to pay for things. It is a safe and reliable way to put money into and take money out of online casinos. Participants can access their money in any country using the Entropay virtual prepaid card tool. The program works like a prepaid debit card and lets you buy things online. You can easily add money to your Entropay account using a bank transfer or another payment card. So, they can now use their Entropay Visa card to buy things from online gaming sites.

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Casino customers like Entropay because both payments and withdrawals can be done quickly. In line with the Electronic Money Regulations 2011, the Financial Conduct Authority has permitted Entropay to make digital money. People who use Entropay at online game sites don’t have to worry about their money is at risk. Many people use Entropay because it makes it easy to make payments and withdrawals at many online casinos.

Entropay is a great way to send money if you need a credit card or a bank account. Even if a player doesn’t have a bank account or credit card, Entropay makes it easy and quick for them to make payments and withdrawals. Entropay is a safe way to pay for online betting that you can trust. Its virtual prepaid card service lets players access their money from anywhere, and its safety and security features give them peace of mind when making online gambling transactions.

History Of Enropay

Ixaris Systems, a company in the United Kingdom that offers open-loop credit card services to businesses, started Entropay in 2002. The company was started to help customers pay for things online with virtual credit cards. Entropay was an early pioneer in the field of e-commerce payment systems. Customers were eager to sign up after learning that using the service would make their online purchases more secure and hassle-free. The popularity of Entropay led to a rise in the demand for trustworthy online payment systems. In 2004, after merging with Visa, Entropay started providing its customers with Visa-branded digital prepaid cards. Entropay has partnered with Visa to give its customers more options for using its virtual prepaid cards. As a result of the company’s partnership with Visa, Entropay users can now use fraud security and a chargeback system. Entropay has changed over time and added new tools. The company has moved to new sites and added new services, such as the ability to withdraw money to a bank account. Entropay joined Ixaris Group Holdings Limited as a subsidiary in 2010 so that it could offer more services and spend on its technology.

Working Of Entropay

Here’s a more in-depth look at how Entropay works:

  • Sign up for Entropay: You must make an Entropay account before you can use the service. The fields for name, mailing address, and email address must be filled out. It would help if you also chose a strong password and a username. After you fill out the form, click Sign Up to confirm your account via email.
  • Fund Your Entropay Wallet: After you sign up for Entropay, you will need to put money on your virtual credit card. Sign in to your account to put money in it. You will have multiple ways to pay, like by credit card or wire transfer. Follow the steps on the screen to add the right amount to your virtual card.
  • Head To The Casino’s Cashier: The next step is to find an online casino that takes Entropay. After you sign up with the site, go to the cashier area. There, you can use Entropay as one of the ways to pay.
  • Deposits And Withdrawals: After choosing Entropay as your chosen payment method, enter the amount you need to put down as a deposit. Then, enter the card number, expiration date, and CVV code for your Entropay virtual card and finish the purchase. After the deal, the money will be put into your online casino account. The same steps are used to get money from an online betting site. Enter the amount you want to withdraw and choose Entropay as the way of withdrawal. You can use Entropay’s bank transfer service to make money from your virtual prepaid card and put it in your real bank account. Entropay is a simple and safe way to pay for things online, like gambling deposits and withdrawals. However, you should be aware that some casinos have withdrawal limits. This should be addressed in detail in their terms and conditions. Please get in touch with the support service if you have any questions about the casino’s withdrawal rules.

Benefits Of Using Entropay

Casino players using Entropay have numerous benefits, including:

  • Entropay eliminates the need for users to move money from their bank or wait for a certain amount of time to fund their online accounts.
  • Because the service is done completely online, customers can get the benefits of a prepaid card without carrying around a plastic card.
  • Users of Entropay can rest easy knowing that the most advanced encryption technology in the business protects their cash transactions.
  • The only two payment choices available through Entropay that the user can start are one-time payments and payments that happen over and over again.
  • Entropay users can buy as much as they want and put in as much money as they want at any time.
  • Entropay adds another layer of protection against fraud, making it less likely that private user information, like bank account information, will get into the wrong hands.

Advantages Of Entropay Over PayPal And Neteller

In several ways, EntroPay is more advantageous than services like PayPal and Neteller. If you are worried about giving your personal and financial information to online casinos, EntroPay is a safe option that uses cutting-edge security technology to keep your information safe. By using EntroPay, you don’t have to give out your credit card information, and you can be sure that your money and personal information are safe. If an EntroPay virtual card is lost or stolen, it doesn’t need to be updated. Its low costs make it a good choice for both high-stakes players and those with smaller bankrolls. As more and more operators add EntroPay as a payment choice for their customers, it becomes easier to play at various online casinos without switching payment methods. Online gamblers can send money to their virtual prepaid card any time of the day or night with EntroPay. Thanks to the ease of online casinos, you can play your favorite casino games whenever and wherever you want. EntroPay makes fraud less likely because it allows instant deposits, no spending limits, and flexible payment start times. EntroPay is a way for online gaming players who value convenience, security, and a wide range of payment options to pay.


In how many countries is EntroPay available?

Entropay is available in 120 countries globally.

Do I Need Documentation For My Entropay Account?

Your first account with EntroPay will be a starter account, and you need no documents for this. There are three tiers of Entropay accounts: basic, standard, and pro. There are many restrictions on beginner accounts. The maximum deposit or withdrawal for basic accounts is £200. The annual limit for standard accounts alone might reach £2,000. You must upgrade to a Pro account to spend the entire £10,000 a month. The good news is that there are no additional fees associated with updating. Your email and physical address are required for a standard account. To upgrade to a Pro account on EntroPay, you must send in a photo ID from your country of residence and local residency. This might be anything from a recent credit card or utility statement to an official government document.

Are EntroPay casinos Safe to Play?

EntroPay casinos are risk-free because they use standard security methods to protect their players’ financial and personal information. EntroPay uses SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) and other cutting-edge encryption technologies to protect customer information from theft and abuse. The Financial Services Authority (FSA) has strict rules about the protection that all EntroPay accounts must follow. This keeps games from being a victim of fraud or other financial crimes.

What is the Minimum and Maximum Amount I Can Deposit via EntroPay?

The minimum payment is £10, which should not be an issue for most casino players. However, you may only expend a maximum of £1,000 per transaction. This could limit your options if you want to make a large purchase or consider yourself a high gambler and want to play at an online casino. Each EntroPay casino player can transact a maximum of £10,000 per month. Remember that the rules vary slightly from one currency to the next. The cap for USD transactions is $20,000 per month.

Do I have to pay any fees?

The majority of EntroPay’s fees are low. Card-to-card transfers cost £0.10, and purchases made in a foreign currency incur a 2% currency conversion fee. However, there may be additional charges for adding funds. The fee for using a credit or debit card is 4.95%, whereas the fee for using a personal bank account is 3.95%.