There are high odds that you have a MasterCard credit or debit card in your wallet right now. The card is trusted by more than 25,000 financial institutions around the world, and it is likely that your bank is among them.  
MasterCard was the preferred deposit and withdrawal method before 2006. However, after the passing of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, MasterCard imposed some restrictions on how the card is used. In 2010, MasterCard changed its policies so that players could only deposit using MasterCard, but could not withdraw their winnings.  

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In a way, the restrictive nature of MasterCard keeps the players’ money and identity secure. This is one of the reasons players and a number of casinos prefer MasterCard. VISA has been more popular than MasterCard in most casinos. Being the biggest rival, VISA is less selective and less restrictive compared to MasterCard.  
The popularity of MasterCard further suffered when the UK Gambling Commission passed that players cannot use credit cards to deposit funds in online casinos. Nevertheless, there are still a host of casinos accepting MasterCard for deposits.


MasterCard operates in more than 210 countries today. The company launched under the name Master Charge in 1969. It is a product of a partnership between four financial institutions. The four banks wanted a simple card that would help them compete in credit issuing, which was by then controlled by the Bank of America. Its name changed to MasterCard in 1979. MasterCard was not the first card (and neither was VISA) as Diners Club was always in operation before them.  
The popularity of MasterCard started when the card started to partner with financial institutions to offer services with ease.  
MasterCard has also expanded to offer cards through its umbrella. Cards such as Switch, Solo, Eurocard and Everything Card were under MasterCard. Later, Solo and Switch merged to create Maestro debit card. Today, MasterCard is one of the most preferred payment methods. If your bank offers MasterCard, there is a chance that you have one, and you might have used it to pay online.  
Most casinos today offer MasterCard as a deposit option, making it easier for you to make transactions. The payment processor has changed its policies on casino transactions a few times. Generally, it is so easy to deposit into a casino using your card, but challenging to withdraw.    

How does it work?

Using a MasterCard is easy. You choose MasterCard as your preferred payment method, you authorize the transaction, and your bank deposits the cash to the merchant’s bank. You will pay a fee to the bank for the transaction.  
For starters, you need to create an account: 
Head to your bank and fill out some forms. It takes about two weeks after you fill out the forms to receive your plastic card.  
Some institutions might give you a temporary card to use before yours is ready. You will either pick the card at the bank, or it might come by mail. If the card comes by mail, you will receive it and the pin separately to ensure your money is secure. Once you activate your card, you will be ready to use it anywhere.  
Once you have your card, you can send an application to activate online banking. This is great when you need to track your spending. Unlike other methods of depositing cash, you do not have to remember a password as you only need to generate a code, and you are good to go. 
MasterCard offers: 
• Credit cards 
• Debit cards 
• Prepaid cards 
Credit cards are not allowed in UK casinos, but you can use them in other countries around the world. A credit card means you use a debt to pay for your online gambling. With a debit card, you use the money already in your bank account. A pre-paid card means you have to load it up with cash before you make any transaction. Prepaid cards are ideal when you do not need to give too much personal or bank information.  
The payment giant also offers different classes of cards, depending on how you need to use a card: 
• MasterCard Basic – For normal everyday transactions 
• Gold MasterCard – For casino players who travel 
• Platinum MasterCard – A card that offers rewards 
• World MasterCard – The card offers more security 
• World Elite MasterCard –This offers the best rewards and discounts  

What should I know about depositing with MasterCard?

If you already have MasterCard, depositing is easy. You do not need to create an account to make a deposit. Instead, just choose MasterCard and authorize the payment. The casino will receive your cash almost instantly so that you can start playing.  
You can deposit between $10 and $10,000, depending on the casino you play. Before you deposit, however, note that you may need to have a different withdrawal method. MasterCard policies restrict banks and casinos from processing withdrawals into the card. This should not be a problem as you can use an eWallet to access your money. You can then transfer your money from your eWallet to your bank, and your MasterCard will have money again. 
Note that you will pay a fee for using the card to make a deposit online. Again, if you choose a credit card, you will have to pay back the money you use plus interest to the bank.

What should I know about withdrawing with MasterCard?

This is where MasterCard becomes limiting. The 2010 policies that the payment giant set make it challenging for you to withdraw from a casino. Whether you can withdraw from your casino account to your MasterCard is at the discretion of the casino and your bank. Both the casino and the bank have to allow you to withdraw into the card.  
Most banks do not process withdrawals. Casinos too may not allow withdrawals. If you are lucky and your casino accepts withdrawals, you will need to enter your name, card number, CVV/CVC number, and the card’s expiry date. It will take you up to 5 business days before the money you withdraw appears on your card.  
To withdraw into your card, you need to have used it to make a deposit in the same casino.

What are the benefits of using MasterCard?

Strong Customer Support

MasterCard offers reliable customer support, helping its millions of customers find what they need. The MasterCard website has answers to common questions, guides, and tutorials to get you through any transaction. If you face any challenges, you can first search the FAQs section before you contact the payment processor.  
You can also connect to your bank from the MasterCard website where you can get more help on the transactions.

Secure and Safe Transaction

MasterCard allows only secure transactions. You will enjoy MasterCard ID Theft Protection, a service that ensures your transactions are safe and secure at all times. The system detects identity theft and prevents it before you lose your money. The MasterCard SecureCode that you enter in a casino site before making a deposit offers added protection. This code acts as the pin you would enter when withdrawing money from an ATM. Better yet, you can apply tokenization for your card, instead of entering the 16-digit code at the back of your card, you can enter a token to authorize transactions. This means that anyone with the card number, but no token, cannot use your credit card.  
Because of the security measures, MasterCard has won a few awards and has even appeared on Fortune 500 issues a number of times. Forbes named MasterCard as the most innovative company three years in a row; 2015, 2016, and 2018. You can, therefore, be sure that your money is safe.

Instant Deposits

MasterCard is a convenient payment option for those who need to make fast deposits. The card doesn’t require that you create any account or login as long as you have the card from your bank. All you need to do is enter your card number after choosing MasterCard as the deposit option and your payment will be as good as complete.  
The deposits are instant, so you can start playing immediately. Unlike eWallets that add the extra step of logging in, MasterCard processes payments instantly. Withdrawals are also easy, and all you need is to enter a few details. The duration after which you get withdrawal cash into your account depends on how fast a casino processes withdrawals. In some casinos, you can have your money in a day while others might take as many as five days.  


You can earn rewards and discounts every time you use your MasterCard. The loyalty program offered by MasterCard makes every transaction worth it. The rewards you get apply to online casinos as they do to buying merchandise online.  
With cashback, you will earn one or two percent (or sometimes more) the value of your purchases. The cashback program applies to credit cards more than debit cards. It is meant to bring down the cost of purchases (or gambling) and motivate you to make more transactions. You can redeem your rewards instantly, or you can wait to redeem them later.

Huge Deposits and Withdrawals

Your deposit and withdrawal limit will only be set by the casino. MasterCard allows you to make deposits between $10 and $10,000. You can also withdraw as much as that if your casino allows it. If you are a high roller, you can, therefore, use MasterCard to make deposits.

MasterCard FAQs

At what countries is Mastercard available?

You can use a MasterCard in 210 countries around the world and transact up to 150 currencies. The card is more popular than other cards in about 22 countries, including Canada, Brazil, Australia, Chile, Hungary, Lithuania, Rwanda, Cote d’Ivore, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Malawi, Greenland, Slovenia, Sweden, Ukraine, Switzerland, Norway, Nigeria, Moldova, and Zimbabwe. It may not be as popular in some countries, but it is available as a form of payment. Countries that do not accept credit cards and debits cards are the only ones that do not have access to MasterCard. The card has formed partnerships with banks in these countries, making it easy for you to make transactions.

Are Mastercard Holders Safe to Play?

If you are looking for security, you can use your MasterCard to play in any casino that accepts payments from the card. While the card has its safety and security features, you need to also take measures to ensure that you do not lose your cash or your identity. Do not share any details about your credit card online or offline. If someone doesn’t know your credit card number, they will not make any transactions through it. You also need to choose a safe casino to safeguard your money and your identity.

MasterCard allows you to create a SecureCode that you can use to authorize payments online. You can also generate a token to use instead of entering the 16-digit number at the back of the card. This way, you will be the only person with the codes that can be used to authorize a transaction. The credit card giant can also detect identity theft and stop it before you lose any money. Using the MasterCard app and online platform, you can track your expenditure to ensure there are no unauthorized transactions.

What is the Minimum Amount I Can Deposit via MasterCard?

You can deposit as low as $1 on most casinos. The amount depends on the casino in which you play. The minimum amount you can deposit in every casino differs from the next casino. While some casinos online accept deposits at least $50 and above, others can take as low as $1. MasterCard will process all these payments for you. Check the minimum deposit for your casino as that is what matters more.

What is the Maximum Amount I Can Deposit via MasterCard?

Your casino will limit you when it comes to maximum deposits. MasterCard allows you to deposit $10,000. Again, the limit is dependent on the maximum deposit that a casino allows players to make. Some casinos allow high rollers to make as much as $6,000. Check with your casino. If your deposit amount is high, MasterCard might perform a check to ensure that you transaction is secure. Sometimes, the payment system makes random checks, especially when you make huge transactions. During these checks, your payment might be delayed.

Do I have to pay fees?

Yes. You will pay a small fee for every transaction you carry out with MasterCard. Your bank will charge a small fee when you deposit using MasterCard. Some casinos also charge a small fee for MasterCard deposits, but most casinos allow you to make free deposits. You will also pay a fee when you withdraw. The casino will charge a small fee for processing the transaction, and the bank will also charge a fee. However, withdrawals are not possible with most banks and casinos, so do not mind about the withdrawal fees. The withdrawal fees are higher than deposit fees. Most casinos charge between two and eight percent of the amount you need to withdraw. However, this has nothing to do with MasterCard. It is a way that casinos ensure they retain part of the winnings.

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