Have you ever wanted to make a payment, but you didn’t have a bank account? Businesses no longer accept cash, and this is disadvantageous for the underbanked and people who do not want to disclose their financial details online.

PayNearMe is a platform that makes it possible for you to pay online through any method you choose. If you prefer cash, you can do that through PayNearMe. The payment company partnered with ACE Cash Express, Family Dollar, and 7-Eleven stores to facilitate cash payments.

When you pay cash with PayNearMe, you get a cheaper alternative to credit cards and debit cards. Even if you do not have a bank account or an eWallet, you can still pay online. However, cash payment is only one of the accepted payment methods as you can pay using other electronic payment means.


PayNearMe started in 2009 as a company focused on helping the underbanked in the society. The goal was to offer one platform where people could choose the payment method they preferred instead of restrictions to plastic money.

The growth of PayNearMe is a result of two major funding rounds. The first funding round in 2010 yielded $16 million while the second round in 2015 yielded $14,699,988.

One of the first merchants that PayNearMe served was Greyhound Bus. The bus company wanted to make it easier for its customers to pay cash for bus fares at retail locations in their neighborhood. Other merchants picked from there, and this is where casinos come in.

Most of the PayNearMe merchants are not recurring billers. However, casinos and other merchants can use the customer engagement engine on PayNearMe to send reminders to customers when payment is due.

PayNearMe garnered more than 5,000 merchants in the U.S. who loved the cash acceptance solution. Later in 2018, the company added credit and debit cards, and ACH capabilities to make the payment methods diverse. In 2020, the company added Apple Pay and later Google Pay as payment options.

How Does It Work?

You can only make a payment using PayNearMe on casinos that accept this method. Players and customers will need to print a barcode from the casino or merchant website. Print that barcode and take it to the nearest 7-Eleven, Family Dollar, or ACE Express store.

The attendant will scan the code and then you can pay in cash. PayNearMe processes payments instantly so that you will have money in your casino account immediately. You will also get a receipt as proof of payment.

Today, you can receive the PayNearMe barcode through your smartphone, so you never have to print it. At the store, you can choose the payment method you want on days you are short of cash.

The payment option only accepts deposits in USD, which is unfortunate for players in other countries. However, with electronic payment methods such as Google Pay, more currencies may come in in the future.

What Should I Know About Depositing with PayNearMe?

It is easy to deposit using PayNearMe. Visit a casino or merchant that allows the payment method. Open the payment page and click “Deposit”. You will see a list of payment options from credit/debit cards, eWallets, and cryptocurrency to PayNearMe.

Click PayNearMe and follow prompts and the casino will generate a barcode. You can print the code or have it on your smartphone. Visit the nearest 7-Eleven, Family Dollar, or ACE Express store and pay cash. If you prefer electronic payment options, you do not have to visit the stores. Make payment and get a receipt.

The advantage of this type of payment is that you are able to pay anonymously without risking your financial details.

What Should I Know About Withdrawing with PayNearMe?

Unfortunately, you cannot withdraw through PayNearMe. You will need to choose an alternative withdrawal method. If you do not want to give out your credit card information online, you can pay through an eWallet or Bitcoin. These methods do not need you to give your credit card details to the casino.

PayNearMe offers disbursement capability, but most casinos do not offer withdrawals with this option yet. The capability allows casinos to “push money back” to the customer. Here, the casinos need to use the debit rails to process withdrawals. The bettor needs to have a debit card.

What Are the Benefits of Using PayNearMe?

Several Payment Options

For a long time, PayNearMe focused on in-person cash payments. However, they added the full list of electronic payment methods to give casino players more options. This reduces costs for casinos, allowing them to access deposits faster. The platform now allows:

  • Credit and Debit Cards
  • Google Pay
  • ACH
  • Apple Pay

Secure Payment

PayNearMe started to cater for the security-conscious people who did not want to give out their credit card details online. The only risk you face is that you have to carry cash to the store. If you decide to use cash, you will be safe as no hacker can access your card details.

If you decide to use any other means of electronic payment, you are still safe as PayNearMe encrypts data to protect you. Better still, the casino will not have access to your financial details as they will only receive your deposit.

Ease of Use

There are no complicated steps to making a deposit. You only need to select Deposit > PayNearMe > Get a code. Use the code to make payment and you are done. Transactions are instant so that you never have to wait for long to get your deposit into your account.


The fees you pay to PayNearMe are not as high as with other electronic payment options. According to the company, the minimum you can pay is $0 while the maximum you can pay is $4.99. The fee is flat within a range, so you never have to worry about it increasing with your deposit amount.

Advantages of Using PayNearMe

  1. With PayNearMe, you never have to give your financial details to a casino, and this makes your money safer. You do not need to create an account and the only thing you do is carry cash to the store.
  2. You do not need a lengthy process of creating an account and giving out your personal details as you would when creating a bank account. This makes it a great option for people who need to make deposits anonymously.
  3. You will pay less fees with PayNearMe unlike with a credit/debit card. While credit cards charge between 2.5% and 5% of the transaction amount, PayNearMe charges a flat fee of between $2.99 and $4.99. The PayNearMe rate favours high rollers who need to make a huge deposit without paying a huge fee.
  4. PayNearMe does most of the work for you once you generate the barcode. You no longer have to go through a lengthy process of confirming your payment. If you choose not to pay cash, you can still complete the transaction on your smartphone from the PayNearMe website.
  5. PayNearMe allows you to choose from several deposit options, including credit/debit cards, Google Pay, and Apple Pay. This way, if you do not have cash, you can pay with your cards. If it is not possible to pay with these two, you can pay using Google Pay or Apple Pay.


At what countries is PayNearMe available?

Unfortunately for bettors, PayNearMe is only available in the U.S. Because the U.S. keeps changing its gambling laws, PayNearMe updates its systems to ensure they comply with the laws. With the addition of digital and electronic payment options, PayNearMe plans to move to other regions throughout the world.

Are PayNearMe casinos Safe to Play?

PayNearMe is a safe deposit method. However, not all casinos offering the method are safe to play. You need to take your time and choose a safe casino. We recommend licensed and regulated casinos. If a casino has a license from the Malta Gaming Authority, eCogra, or the U.K. Gambling Commission, you know they are safe for you. You can also check the other payment methods, data encryption, and player verification to see which casino is safe. Alternatively, you can pick any of the casinos we recommend for you.

What is the Minimum Amount I Can Deposit via PayNearMe?

You can deposit as low as $10 using PayNearMe. However, there are some casinos that set the minimum deposit higher, so check with your casino.

What is the Maximum Amount I Can Deposit via PayNearMe?

PayNearMe allows you to deposit up to $500 within 24 hours. You can deposit up to $10,000 in most casinos within a month. If you need to deposit more than that, you can use other payment methods to make the payment.

Do I have to pay fees?

PayNearMe only allows deposits through US Dollars. You will pay a fee of $2.99 for payments up to $300. If you deposit between $300 and $500, you will pay a flat fee of $3.99. Payments between $500 and $1,000 attract a fee of $4.99, which is the highest fee that you can pay.

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