While not as popular as Visa or Paypal, Paysafecard is quickly becoming more widespread in the online casino world. With its top-notch security and simplicity, it’s not hard to see why! This innovative payment method is all about safety and privacy. 

What is Paysafecard?

It’s a prepaid payment solution that operates similarly to prepaid debit cards. But rather than purchasing cards, you get unique 16-digit codes! Available in more than half a million retailers around the world, these codes provide instant access to your funds. That means no long wait times for deposits and withdrawals. 

A Paysafecard casino offers quick and easy banking. But best of all, they provide some of the best financial security in the industry! When you use Paysafecard, you can rest easy knowing that none of your banking information is at risk. 

Paysafecard is available in more than 40 countries worldwide. Thanks to intuitive mobile apps, you can easily keep track of multiple codes. Not only that, but topping up is as easy as visiting a retailer. 

More and more online casinos are starting to accept Paysafecard. The financial service is revolutionizing online payment security. It’s making online casinos more accessible to players while providing more peace of mind than ever before. From making your first deposit to cashing out your winnings, Paysafecard can handle it all! 

History of Paysafecard

Paysafecard is a relative newcomer to the financial industry. The company has humble beginnings that date back to 2000. Started in Austria, the concept behind Paysafecard came to be at the tail-end of the dot-com bubble. 
The four Austrian founders sought out to create “Internet cash.” The idea was to create a payment system that was simple enough to appeal to the masses. The founders turned to IBM Austria to turn that simple idea into a reality! 
By 2001, Paysafecard launched in Germany. Back then, the service was a lot different. Smartphones weren’t as prevalent in the company’s early days. So, transactions relied on a physical scratchcard. But in 2002, it was available as an e-voucher. A couple of years later, the payment method went live online. 
Paysafecard hit the ground running and quickly spread. Before the company even hit its 10-year anniversary, it went global! Thanks to EU funding in 2005, Paysafecard expanded to the UK, Spain, Greece, and more. Adoption grew fast! Only a couple of years after its international expansion, consumers made over 10 million transactions! 
The biggest change for Paysafecard came in 2008. In 2008, Paysafecard earned an e-money license from the British Financial Conduct Authority. This license opened the floodgates for Paysafecard. It was able to expand to other territories throughout Europe and beyond.  
Today, retailers in over 40 countries can issue Paysafecard codes. It’s changed the face of online shopping and banking! With the launch of the mobile app, it’s more accessible than ever. As a result, the service garners tons of attention from e-commerce giants, service providers, and online casinos.

How Does It Work?

Whether you’re making a deposit at a Paysafecard casino or buying items from an e-commerce site, the process is easy. Paysafecard’s entire business model is to provide instant digital cash without bringing your banking info into the mix. To make this happen, you have to visit an official retailer or issuer. 

From a legal standpoint, issuing Paysafecard codes is like a traditional banking transaction. So, issuers must have an appropriate license or banking partner. But that doesn’t mean that official retailers are hard to find! Generally, you can get codes at big-name supermarkets, pharmacies, post offices, and more. Check out the Paysafecard website to find retailers near you! 

Paysafecard codes are available in a wide range of values. Exact amounts can vary based on your country. For the UK, you can choose Paysafecards worth £10, £25, £40, £50, £75, or £100. If you buy Paysafecards at PayPoint, your available denominations are even higher! In addition to the previous values, PayPoint provides Paysafecards worth £125, £150, and £175. 

When you purchase Paysafecards, you get a distinct 16-digit code. You can hold onto those codes or use the mobile app to keep track of their values. The app also offers a feature called Paysafe Direct. With Paysafe Direct, you can generate a barcode to purchase a code worth the value of your choosing. Of course, there are limitations based on your country and the retailer. 

Once you have your codes, you’re ready to start playing at a Paysafecard casino! All you have to do is sign up for an account and visit the banking section. There, you can select Paysafecard to make your deposit. 

Enter the amount you want to deposit and the Paysafecard code. In most cases, you can even enter multiple codes for a bigger deposit. Funds should appear in your account instantly. It’s as easy as that! 

What Should I Know about Depositing with Skrill?

Choosing Paysafecard for your deposit method is a good choice! As mentioned earlier, this service is completely safe and private. You don’t have to enter any banking credentials or your debit card number. The Paysafecode acts as your financial data. Once you purchase the code from the retailer, it doesn’t have any of your true financial data! 

Paysafecard isn’t available at all online casinos. Its adoption is growing steadily, but it’s still not as widespread as other options. 

Furthermore, deposit limitations do exist. Generally, a Paysafecard casino will limit you to £1,000 per deposit transaction. However, some will have unlimited daily transactions. To deposit more than £1,000, you’d have to perform multiple deposits. 

Another important thing to remember is that you don’t have to deposit the entire Paysafecard code amount. Like any other deposit method, you can choose how much money to use. As long as you have enough funds and meet the deposit minimum, you’re good to go! Typically, casinos ask for a deposit of at least £10. That applies to Paysafecard as well. 

Last, but not least, don’t forget to take advantage of any bonuses! Most online casinos offer match bonuses to new members. These bonuses apply regardless of your banking method! Read up on the terms and take full advantage of what your casino is offering!

What Should I Know about Withdrawing with Paysafecard?

The withdrawal process with Paysafecard is similar to withdrawals. Requesting a payment is the same for Paysafecard as any other banking method. This means you may also experience a wait time. This is pretty common in the online casino world. While deposits are instant, there’s usually a processing time of at least 24 hours for withdrawals. 

But the good news is that funds are usually available straight away after that! You don’t have to wait for lengthy processing times on Paysafecard’s ends. Funds are usually available in an instant, allowing you to use them elsewhere! 

Before you sign up for a casino, make sure they accept Paysafecard for withdrawals. Sometimes, you’ll find that casinos accept the service for deposits only. Using the same banking method for deposits and withdrawals simplifies the process tremendously. Plus, you can take advantage of the security benefits on both ends!

What Are the Benefits of Using Paysafecard?

Paysafecard is very popular with online casino gamers. Check out these advantages to see why

Easy Accessibility 

One of the most advantageous things about Paysafecard is its availability. Unlike debit cards or traditional banks, there are no qualifiers to use Paysafecard. Anyone can purchase a Paysafecard code! Thus, it’s an excellent option for those who are unable or unwilling to get a more conventional bank account. 

Plus, Paysafecard is available from tons of retailers. Pick up some codes when you get groceries or visit the post office! You don’t have to go out of your way to start using the service, which is a big plus.

Impressive Security 

Ask any Paysafecard user what they like most about the service! Chances are, they’ll tell you it’s the security. The top-notch security is the main reason why so many people flock to Paysafecard. Most people already have a debit card or bank account. But, using those traditional methods come with risks. 

All it takes is one security breach to put your financial data.  

With Paysafecard, that’s a non-issue. Even if hackers break into the casino, you’d still be safe! That’s because Paysafecard is virtually private information-free. None of your financial or personal data is part of the transaction. Neither the merchant nor the payment provider has access to your financial data. 

The service acts as the middle-man so to speak. Once you pay for your code, your financial and personal data is out of the equation. That alone is enough to appeal to security-conscious gamers. You don’t have to worry about issues like identity theft, fraud, or other common risks.

Quick and Easy Deposits 

Ever try to deposit funds with bank transfers or debit cards? Oftentimes, it can take several days! When you want to play, the last thing you should deal with is lengthy processing times. 
Paysafecard deposits are instant at most casinos. A Paysafecard casino makes your funds available immediately so you can hit the ground running. You already paid for your deposit when you bought the code. The code is merely a voucher, so there’s no wait time to prove you have the cash.

Simple Cash Management 

Finally, the last notable perk of Paysafecard is cash management. Paysafecard has a lot of built-in features that make it easier to avoid overspending. 
For one, you’re limited in how much you can buy. If you want to make large deposits, you have to perform multiple transactions. Paysafecard codes are available in limited values up to £175. While that may seem like a hassle, it can do a lot to help gamers control their spending. 
Furthermore, Paysafecard has an intuitive app for easy code management. It offers many of the same tools as online banking. But, the app is safe, streamlined, and very accessible.

Paysafecard vs Other Payment Methods 

Paysafecard is one of many banking options. Most casinos nowadays accept a slew of services. So why choose Paysafecard over the alternatives? 

Paysafecard vs Debit Cards 

Debit cards from big providers like Visa and Mastercard are very common. Chances are, you already have a debit card in your wallet! You may use it every day at brick-and-mortar stores. But do you really want to use it online? 

The biggest advantage that Paysafecard has over debit cards is security. Your debit card connects to your bank account. With your card number, fraudsters could easily empty your account. Not only that, but there’s the risk of identity theft. 

As mentioned earlier, Paysafecard doesn’t come with those risks. It’s free of your personal and financial information. As a result, it’s far safer than debit cards!

Paysafecards vs e-Wallet Services 

e-wallet services like PayPal, Skrill, and Neteller emerged around the same time as Paysafecard. Those services operate similarly to Paysafecard. They have a lot to offer. But from a security standpoint, they still don’t trump Paysafecard. 

Generally, e-wallet services have your information tied to them. You might have a backup bank account or debit card number attached. Because e-wallet services rely on nothing more than an email address, they’re much riskier than Paysafecard! 

Not only that, but most come with additional fees. Some providers have fees for every transaction. Others will charge a fee if you’re using a particular service, such as an online casino! 

On top of all that, e-wallet services often come with lengthy processing times. Those funds have to go through several steps to make it to the casino. This takes up valuable time that you could use playing. 

With Paysafecard, deposits are instantaneous and safe.

Paysafecard vs Wire Transfers 

The same issues with debit cards apply to direct wire transfers. It all comes down to security. The less you put your financial data out there, the safer you’ll be. 
Many gamers also encounter issues with processing times and blocked transactions. Big-name banks go above and beyond to avoid fraud. While additional security is always a good thing, sometimes those preventative measures overstep. Blocked transactions are relatively common. Banks sometimes view casino deposits as fraudulent charges and don’t process them. 
That just adds to the already long wait times. Wire transfers can take up to a week to complete. When you throw in roadblocks like reversed transactions, you’ll only have to wait longer to play.


In what countries is Paysafecard available?

Paysafecard products are available in about 48 countries. Paysafecard offers a handful of different services. The standard Paysafecard service is available in: – Austria – Australia – Belgium – Bulgaria – Brazil – Canada – Croatia – Cyprus – Czech Republic – Denmark – Finland – France – Georgia – Germany – Gibraltar – Hungary – Iceland – Ireland – Kuwait – Latvia – Liechtenstein – Lithuania – Luxembourg – Malta – Mexico – Montenegro – Netherlands – New Zealand – Norway – Paraguay – Peru – Poland – Romania – Saudi Arabia – Serbia – Slovakia – Slovenia – Spain – Sweden – Switzerland – Turkey – United Arab Emirates – United Kingdom – United States – Uruguay Paysafecard limits vary from country to country. The same goes for Paysafecard casino availability.

Are Paysafecard casinos safe to play?

Playing at a Paysafecard casino is very safe. In fact, the prepaid service is one of the safest around. It’s all in the name!

With Paysafecard, none of your private information is out in the open. The casino does not have access to your bank account at all! The only thing you have to provide is the unique 16-digit Paysafecard code.

Another reason that Skrill casinos are safe is the measures that are taken by Skrill to secure a player’s funds. Players do not have to worry about their money being lost.

What is the maximum amount I can deposit via Skrill?

Casinos are known for setting strict deposit limits. It is important to understand that the deposit limits of the casino are not set by Skrill. Skrill has no specific policy regarding how much money you can hold or send from your account..

From its infancy, the founders of Paysafecard built the service to be safe and private. It continues to be that way today!

Beyond its inherent security features, casinos have their own safety systems, too. Most casinos these days employ technology like 256-bit encryption and fraud prevention. As always, double-check to make sure! Always play at a licensed and regulated casino. Also, look for signs of a secure connection before you provide your Paysafecard code.

What is the Minimum Amount I Can Deposit via Paysafecard?

Minimums can vary from casino to casino. Generally, the most common deposit minimum you’ll see is £10. It costs casinos money to perform your transaction. Anything less than £10 isn’t worth the trouble! So, expect to see a modest minimum at any casino you sign up with.

Paysafecard has its own minimums in place as well. The exact amount will depend on your country. But usually, the lowest value you can purchase is £10, too.

Don’t forget to read your casino’s terms and conditions. The terms will alert you to any deposit minimums or fees that might come with your transaction.

What is the Maximum Amount I Can Deposit via Paysafecard?

Deposit limitations are unique for Paysafecard. Again, exact values vary from country to country. However, there are also limitations based on the type of Paysafecard you have.

Inherently, Paysafecard has transaction limits of £1,000. As a result, this is the most common deposit maximum figure you’ll see at casinos.

That said, you might see a lesser amount based on the casino’s compliance regulations. Always read up on these terms before you make a deposit! Also, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with Paysafecard limits in your country.

Now, Paysafecard code values don’t go as high as £1,000. However, many casinos allow you to combine codes to reach that limit. Even then, you might be able to make multiple deposits to get even more! It all depends on the rules of your casino and restrictions from Paysafecard.

Do I Have to Pay Fees?

From the casino’s end, fees for using Paysafecard are rare. Most casinos will not charge you to make a deposit. However, there are some exceptions out there.

If you do encounter any fees, they will come from Paysafecard. The service provider charges a couple of different fees based on how you use the codes.

For example, fees apply to converted currency. Each currency comes with its own unique fee percentage.

Paysafecard also charges a maintenance fee after several months of inactivity. This fee, as well as the timeline, varies from country to country. In the UK, the fee applies after 6 months. It’s only £3 per month.

Overall, the fee schedule for Paysafecard is pretty simple and transparent. Once again, read up on terms and conditions to familiarize yourself.

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