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Skrill has become a leading online payment method in many parts of the world. Fans of online casino gambling like Skrill because it simplifies casino banking. A Skrill casino offers deposits and withdrawals that are fast and secure. The company also offers low fees for customers.

There are fewer online casino banking options for UK players that are more reliable than Skrill. Before you use Skrill to play online casino games for real money, here is a quick review. You’ll find useful information that will help you use the Skrill service for your next casino deposit.

Skrill Online Casinos

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What is Skrill?

Skrill was originally founded in 2001 as Moneybookers. From the very beginning the company embraced its role as a banking solution for online gambling. Skrill has continued to perform payment services for online casinos in different parts of the world. A Skrill casino can be found on almost every continent.

In 2015, Skrill was acquired by the Paysafe Group. It has now joined Neteller and Paysafe Card as a collection of online payment processors. Skrill has become the only approved digital wallet for online gambling in the US state of New Jersey.

Skrill is now offering a debit card to its account holders which allows instant access to one’s funds. It also allows account holders to use their Skrill balance to purchase and hold cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.

The company also maintains offices in the United States, although deposits to online casinos from the US may not be permitted.

How Does It Work?

Skrill is considered to be a digital wallet. Users of the service deposit funds into the Skrill wallet with a bank account or debit card. They can also receive payments directly from other Skrill users. Once the money has arrived in the user’s account, the funds can be used for online gambling at many casinos. They can also be spent at any online retailer which accepts Skrill.

All Skrill customers are required to create an account and verify their identity. Like other similar services, there are tiers that govern the use of a Skrill account. A higher tier means higher deposit and withdrawal limits. Skrill verifies identity through the collection of documents such as government-issued ID and utility bills.

A Skrill casino is one that allows gamblers to fund their account with a Skrill wallet. Players can also receive withdrawals to Skrill from many online casinos. This is a very efficient way to bank with online casinos because payments are processed immediately.

The funds in a Skrill account are protected with the highest levels of encryption. Skrill also offers protection for many transactions to prevent fraud. Account holders are required to accept terms and conditions that do not hold Skrill responsible for losses at online gambling.

Players who want to access the money in a Skrill account have a number of ways to do so. They can link a bank account and withdraw money through a direct deposit. They can also request a Skrill VISA-branded debit card. The debit card can be used like any VISA card to make purchases and ATM withdrawals.

What Should I Know about Depositing with Skrill?

Making online casino deposits with Skrill is a simple process. Many players prefer it for just this reason. Here are the basic steps to use at a Skrill casino. The first thing you will need to do is create your Skrill casino account. This should only take a few moments. Once you have verified your account and logged in, use the Cashier or Banking tab to access the deposit methods.

You will then select Skrill from the banking menu and choose how much to deposit. You should make sure that you have the necessary funds in your Skrill wallet to cover the deposit plus any associated fees. In most cases, it is free to deposit with Skrill at an online casino.

Don’t forget to include your promo code to receive any matching deposit bonus money. Once you have submitted your deposit, the funds should be available immediately in your online casino account. Skrill casino deposits are moved quickly because you already have the money in your online wallet. There are also relatively high limits for Skrill deposits. If you try to exceed the daily or weekly deposit limits your account may be flagged by Skrill.

What Should I Know about Withdrawing with Skrill?

Making an online casino withdrawal with Skill is one of the fastest ways to receive your winnings. Here are a few things to know before you use this withdrawal method. Before you choose to make a Skrill withdrawal, make sure your account is in good standing. You do not want to have any issues that could affect the instant processing of your withdrawal request. You will navigate to the banking tab at your online casino and choose the Skrill withdrawal option. You should check to see the online casino’s withdrawal limit policy. In most cases you can withdraw a substantial amount to Skrill each week.

Enter the amount that you wish to withdraw from your online casino account and submit the withdrawal. Most online casinos stipulate that it can take 24-48 hours to receive a Skrill withdrawal. This is just a guideline. Many online casino players have reported receiving their funds immediately. You can then use your Skrill withdrawal to make online purchases, withdraw it to your bank account, or even spend it with the Skrill VISA debit card.

There are some fees associated with Skrill withdrawals. The online casino may charge a small fee for processing. Skrill can also take a small fee when you receive money to your account. In some cases, the online casino may be charged the fee instead. In any case, the fees are usually very low.

What Are the Benefits of Using Skrill?

There are online casino players who prefer to only use Skrill for banking. They list numerous benefits. We’ve prepared a list of some benefits you may receive when using Skill for online gambling.

Fast Deposits and Withdrawals

In most cases the online casino deposits and withdrawals that you make with Skrill are credited instantly to your account. There is no holding period or delay.

Some online casinos can take 24-48 hours to process Skrill withdrawals. This is still much faster than requesting a check or waiting on a bank transfer.

Zero or Low Fees

Skrill online casinos are some of the safest around. Deposits made to a Skrill casino are almost always free. The casino absorbs the fee that may be charged by Skrill. There are also very low fees to receive money at Skrill, ranging from 1-3% in many cases. An online casino may choose to pay the Skrill fees upon withdrawal.

At most online casinos the cost to withdraw money with Skrill is always lower than it is to receive a check by mail or courier. Skrill is the cost-effective way to move money to and from an online casino.

Higher Overall Limits

There are some online casinos that offer higher overall limits when Skrill is used for deposits and withdrawals. The limits vary from casino to casino. You should check the casino’s website for the terms and conditions.

Improved Security

The security of a Skrill account is very strong. Skrill employs measures such as two-factor authentication to insure the integrity of user accounts. User data is also secured with the highest forms of encryption.

More Privacy

Using Skrill to make deposits and withdrawals at an online casino can provide more privacy. There is no paper trail created as there is with a credit or debit card, and you are required to provide fewer personal details to the online casino when you use Skrill.

The Advantages of Using Skrill

Online casinos offer a number of banking methods. Skrill may be more advantageous than some other methods. This is especially true when it comes to credit or debit cards and bank transfers. Here’s a closer look at why Skrill could be a better choice.

Less Personal Info Required

When you use a credit or debit card at an online casino for deposits and withdrawals you have to provide sensitive details. The same can be said for bank accounts. You are trusting that the online casino will take care of your personal data.

It is not uncommon for online casinos to be targets for hackers. When you use Skrill to make your deposits and withdrawals, only your Skrill account is used. The casino has no record of your credit card numbers, bank account numbers, or other details.

Lower Minimums

There are often lower minimum limits for Skrill deposits and withdrawals. The reason for this is that it costs the online casino less to process these transactions. You may be able to deposit and withdraw as little as $10 when you use Skrill.

Deposits with a credit or a debit card can often cost a minimum of $25. The amount can vary from casino to casino. You are advised to check the casino website for the most recent terms.

Faster Processing Times

Skrill withdrawals can be processed much faster than those to a bank account or a debit card. It could take up to a week for online casinos to send money to a bank. By comparison, it may only take 24 hours or less to receive a Skrill withdrawal.

More Protection Against Fraud

Most banks and credit cards have a contentious relationship with online casinos. There have been players who report that banks offer little recourse when a withdrawal is not received. The same can be said for a deposit that gets lost.


In what countries is Skrill available?

There are currently 21 countries that are allowed to receive Skrill casino deposits. These are: · Austria · Bangladesh · Belgium · Brazil · Finland · France · Germany · Greece · India · Ireland · Italy · Luxembourg · Malta · Mexico · Netherlands · Pakistan · Philippines · Poland · Portugal · Spain · United Kingdom The online casino that you wish to use should be located in one of these countries to accept Skrill deposits. You will also need to reside in one of these countries to receive Skrill withdrawals.

Are Skrill casinos safe to play?

You can have peace of mind when playing at a Skrill casino. All online casinos that allow Skrill banking are forced to abide by the Skrill terms and conditions.

Skrill has a reputation to uphold. It will not do business with online casinos that are found to engage in fraudulent or illegal behavior. Most online casinos that accept Skrill operate under the provably fair model of gaming.

Another reason that Skrill casinos are safe is the measures that are taken by Skrill to secure a player’s funds. Players do not have to worry about their money being lost.

What is the maximum amount I can deposit via Skrill?

Casinos are known for setting strict deposit limits. It is important to understand that the deposit limits of the casino are not set by Skrill. Skrill has no specific policy regarding how much money you can hold or send from your account..

As a general rule, players can deposit up to $1,000 or more with Skrill at an online casino. In some online casinos this can be done multiple times in a single day.

Players are cautioned against making multiple large deposits in a single day with Skrill. This could cause Skrill to flag your account based on its security policies. It is far better to make a single large deposit. This may also qualify you for a larger bonus.

What is the minimum amount I can deposit via Skrill

Each online casino has its own minimums for deposits. You can usually find these minimums listed under the Banking tab. In our review we found that $10 was the average minimum Skrill online casino deposit.

As a general rule the minimum deposit for Skrill is lower than that for other deposit methods. This means that it can cost you less to get started with Skrill if you want to play online casino games for real money.

Do I have to pay fees?

Skrill is a payment processor and virtual wallet. The company makes its money by charging fees to those who use Skrill to move money. You may be asked to pay a fee for the Skrill withdrawals you receive from an online casino.

Most fees charged by Skrill are very low. You can expect to pay between 1% and 3% on the total amount of money that you receive. In some cases the online casino may agree to pay the fees for withdrawals.

There are no fees associated with Skrill online casino deposits. You can move money from your Skrill account to an online casino with no expense.

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