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Banking has gone a long way since the dawn of the digital revolution. It’s changed the way we do business, shop, and play! While new-age banking methods have impacted every industry, online casinos were, arguably, the biggest to benefit! One of the best parts of playing at an online casino is banking flexibility. Gone are the days of resorting to debit cards and direct wire transfers. These days, you’re free to use high-tech alternatives that offer faster processing times and much more security! Many digital wallet services exist. However, Ukash was one of the first of its kind! 

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Ukash was a revolutionary service that provided safety, convenience, and accessibility. So much more than a digital bank account, Ukash bridges the gap between real-world and online transactions. It gives you the flexibility you need without all of the hassles of traditional banking. 
On top of all that, Ukash is accessible to the masses. The service eliminates the requirements of traditional accounts. Pair that with its wide acceptance, and making casino Ukash deposits is a breeze! 

The History of Ukash 

Ukash has pretty humble beginnings. It officially launched in 2005. At this time, digital transactions were quickly becoming more mainstream. The Internet was evolving, and more people were starting to buy goods and services online.  
Ukash began as a security-focused service. It offered a way for web users to make transactions without providing identifiable personal information. That meant no transactions had a connection to a name or bank account! 
Fraud was rampant in the early days of the Internet, so Ukash showed genuine promise. It didn’t take long for the service to take off in the United Kingdom. 
Before long, real-world retailers started distributing Ukash codes. As the service’s popularity grew, so did its accessibility. Eventually, dedicated kiosks and multi-purpose ATMs offered Ukash service! Ukash eventually spread to other nearby territories, turning into a global payment method. 
The company even launched an international prepaid MasterCard. However, that service was short-lived. 
Ukash no longer exists as it once did. Ukash mobile casino venues and desktop sites are still around. But, the service now goes by a different name. 
In 2015, the Skrill Group acquired Ukash. A year prior, the Skrill Group also acquired Austria-based Paysafecard. The two services are similar, so Skrill merged the two and kept the Paysafecard name. As of August 2015, Ukash became Paysafecard, which is a service that continues today! 

What Should I Know About Depositing with Ukash? 

Choosing to use Ukash for online casinos is a smart choice! While modern casinos are usually safe, there’s always a risk when providing private information. With Ukash, your banking credentials are entirely separate. They’re not tied to your Ukash codes at all! As a result, you’re able to stay virtually anonymous as you make deposits. 
It’s important to remember that Ukash (now Paysafecard) is not accepted everywhere. The service is quickly growing in popularity, but it’s not as widespread as more traditional methods. Make sure to check for its availability before signing up! 
Another thing to pay attention to is deposit limits. Limitations vary from one casino site to the next. Please pay attention to them! Also, see if there are any Ukash mobile casino or desktop site bonuses that you can claim!  

What Should I Know About Withdrawing with Ukash? 

Like any other banking method, processing times do apply. Your exact waiting period depends on the casino. However, the average for Ukash withdrawals is about five business days. 
Keep in mind that it may take even longer to get cash in your hands! When you request a Ukash withdrawal, you’ll get a code just like the one you provided for deposits. Visit a retailer, kiosk, or ATM, and you can trade the code in for cash. Some banks may also accept codes. However, that may take additional processing time to complete. 
Like deposits, withdrawal limits do apply. Brush up on those limitations and read the fine print to familiarize yourself with your casino’s terms. 

What are the Benefits of a Ukash Casino? 

It’s not hard to see why so many online gamers love Ukash. Compared to standard methods, this service has a lot to offer. Here are just a few reasons why you should consider using Ukash. 

1. Complete Security  
The most obvious perk is security. As mentioned earlier, there’s no connection between Ukash and your bank. If there’s a security breach at your casino, you can rest easy knowing you’re safe. 
Ukash has its proprietary security measures. When you pair that with the casinos, you have an ultra-safe method that rivals even modern debit cards. 

2. Wide Accessibility  
Don’t have a bank account? No problem!  
Ukash doesn’t have the stringent requirements that e-wallet services and banks do. Remember: You don’t have to have an account to use Ukash. That means no qualification hurdles to get through. As long as you can find a Ukah retailer, you’re good to go! 
It’s far more accessible to the masses and makes online play within reach for millions. 

3. Quick and Convent Money Transfers  
Finally, casino Ukash transactions are often quick and convenient.   
There are still some processing times to consider. But when you compare the wait to direct transfers and debit cards, it’s much faster! Ukash is comparable to e-wallet services. Many deposits are instant, allowing you to play in no time!  

Ukash vs Other Payment Methods 

Most online casinos accept a wide range of deposit and withdrawal methods. So, how does Ukash compare? 

Ukash vs Debit Cards  
The biggest draw Ukash has over debit cards is safety. When you make deposits using a bank debit card, you must provide your card number. That number established a connection to your bank account. 
What happens if a hacker gains access to the casino’s banking system and steals your information? Suddenly, you’re at risk of financial and identity theft. 
With Ukash, none of that is an issue. That distinct multi-digit code is a one-time use transaction with no ties to your accounts. 

Ukash vs Bank Transfers  
The same issues with debit cards exist with bank transfers. The primary difference is that bank transfers provide almost direct access to your money. 
The less information you put out onto the web, the safer you’ll be. The only way to do that is to use a secure service like Ukash. 

Ukash vs Digital Wallet Services  
E-wallet services are far better than the old-school alternatives. That said, even those modern banking methods have their flaws. 
Most come with pricy fees and strict limitations. Some services charge for every transaction you perform. If you’re making frequent deposits and withdrawal requests, you’re looking at substantial costs! 
Furthermore, e-wallet services typically connect to traditional bank accounts for funding. Once again, providing that private data to a casino comes with risks. Ukash is far safer and doesn’t cost a dime! 

FAQ – Ukash Casino

At what countries is Ukash available?

Before its acquisition by the Skrill Group, Ukash had a vast network. It was available in more than 30 countries at its peak. The merger of Ukash and Paysafecard only made the service more accessible than ever! The modern version of Ukash, Paysafecard, is available in approximately 48 countries and many different currencies. These countries include:

Austria Australia Belgium Bulgaria Brazil Canada Croatia Cyprus Czech Republic Denmark Finland France Georgia Germany Gibraltar Hungary Iceland Ireland Kuwait Latvia Liechtenstein Lithuania Luxembourg Malta Mexico Montenegro Netherlands New Zealand Norway Paraguay Peru Poland Romania Saudi Arabia Serbia Slovakia Slovenia Spain Sweden Switzerland Turkey United Arab Emirates United Kingdom United States Uruguay

Are Ukash casinos Safe to Play?

Ukash mobile casino platforms and desktop sites are very safe. Most reputable online casinos have robust security measures to prevent trouble. Depending on the site, you might see 256-bit encryption, fraud prevention technology, and more.

As a whole, Ukash is inherently safe, too. The prepaid banking method is entirely separate from your bank account. As a result, you’re not providing any private financial data when you make deposits or withdrawals.

If an issue does occur, your financial information stays safe!

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What is the Minimum Amount I Can Deposit via Ukash?

Almost all online casinos have a deposit minimum. It varies from one platform to the next, but most are around £10. Coincidentally, that’s the smallest denomination available for modern Ukash vouchers.

Anything less than £10 isn’t worth it for the casino. It costs the casino money to perform a transaction. They absorb the cost, which is why established minimums are in place.

Information about deposit restrictions is usually available on the banking page. If you try to make a smaller deposit than the requirement, most casinos will stop the transaction before it occurs. If it proceeds, the casino might charge you a fee.

What is the Maximum Amount I Can Deposit via Ukash?

Maximum deposit limitations are rarer than minimums. Again, casinos want you to make larger deposits! It saves money on the casino’s end and ensures that you’re spending more!

That said, all casinos have limitations. In most cases, they revolve around the restrictions of the payment method.

Ukash (now Paysafecard) limits vary based on location, currency, and transaction type. For some, the most you can deposit is around £300. Even then, that’s with three codes for £100. Anything beyond that, and you’ll have to make multi-day deposits.

For others, the maximum is closer to £1,000. Ukash codes don’t go that high, so you’d need to buy multiple codes to make a deposit that large.

All of the deposit information is available on the casino’s terms and conditions page.

Do I have to pay fees?

Currently, there are no fees to use Ukash. Standard transactions are completely free.

However, you may encounter fees from Ukash. These fees apply based on how you use the codes. Typically, they come with currency conversions. The exact cost is a percentage that varies base on the currency.

The modern Paysafecard service might also charge a fee for unused code vouchers. Unused codes will cost you £3.00 a month after six months of inactivity.

Beyond that, there should be no fee to use Ukash. All casinos are different. While charging to use the service is rare, there are some exceptions.

Again, read the terms and conditions. The Ukash fee schedule is transparent and easy to understand. The same should go for your casino as well.

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