Progressive Slots – How to Win Progressive Jackpots

Winning a progressive jackpot can be the highlight of someone’s life and we are here to help you do just that. We have collected the best casinos in the world that feature progressive jackpot slots. In these games the price increases until someone wins it. Will you be the lucky winner? Choose a casino below and start playing now to find out.

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675% up to $200 Welcome Package + 25 free spins

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In simple terms, a progressive jackpot means a jackpot which increases progressively. It’s all right there in the name, which should be taken quite literally. The way it works is simple. Let’s say you have a jackpot for a hundred bucks to start. It costs you a dollar to play for this jackpot. Every single dollar that’s played is added to the jackpot. This continues on and on, progressively becoming larger, until someone wins the jackpot. This is why some of these progressive pots can push up into the millions, which makes them quite the huge draw to play.

At, we definitely want to teach people all about these progressive pots. Not only are they fun to play, they’re also affordable, very easy to play, and potentially life-changing in how lucrative they can be. At popular casinos that offer progressive pots, both on and offline, it’s quite common to find these progressive jackpots in the millions of dollars. Needless to say, there’s a lot more benefit to playing a slot with a progressive pot than, say, blackjack or roulette.


Area Wide

With an area wide progressive jackpot, you have a group of machines that are joined together. Think about an online gambling site. Let’s call it CasinoX. Let’s say that CasinoX has 12 progressive machines. They will share a jackpot, and this pot can become exponentially larger every day, with more and more people playing on the various machines. This network could even extend out to all sites owned by CasinoX, making the jackpot even larger.

The thing about area wide pots is that they grow constantly and climb up into the millions very easily.

Proprietary Networks

A proprietary network progressive pot can still get very large, but it’s not accumulating over an entire network. Instead, you have jackpots that are gathering up on one machine, or only one site, not the entire network.

While these progressive jackpots don’t grow as large, you do have a slightly better chance of winning on them, as there aren’t nearly as many people playing.


If you were to attempt to track down the history of slots as a whole, you might run into conflicting reports. You might find different information about where they started, who first created the machines, etc. It’s just such a large, old genre.

However, was able to track down some pretty solid information about the birth of the progressive pot. They’re fairly young. In fact, they came to prominence in the 1980s, before Internet gambling, believe it or not. In 1981, Inge Telnaes intruded the idea in video poker machines, which were popular in Nevada at the time. 

A short time later, IGT and Si Redd integrated this popular idea into their slot machines. This was actually the start of a slot machine revolution. Not only did many slots start moving to a progressive pot, but this was also the start of 5-reel slots and even video slots.

The 1980s were a new and exciting time for slots. Although it seems like a lifetime ago with online slots available now, the ’80s for slot machines was about as revolutionary as you could imagine.


What are the odds of winning?

The odds of winning depend entirely on each individual machine. With so many different machines, which all require a different combination of symbols and actions to win the whole progressive jackpot, it’s impossible to tell for sure what your exact odds would be. However, after some investigative work by, we have found that, on average, you are around one in ten million (1:10,000,000) to win a progressive jackpot.

Does it cost more to play a progressive machine?

Generally speaking, it costs just as much to play a progressive machine as a regular machine. The only real difference here is that, with a progressive machine, you won’t be granted as many opportunities for other payout lines, because the money you use to play is going to be put into the progressive jackpot, so that it builds up.

In other words, it doesn’t cost more to play on a progressive machine; it’s just going to be more difficult to win money back, spin vs. spin.

How do I get paid out if I win?

Different online casinos have different policies when it comes to how much you can withdraw weekly or monthly, so make sure you check the exact terms and conditions with each site you’re a member of. For example, you may read a policy like only being able to take out $1000/month on a site. This differs, of course, and some sites might allow you to take more out.

Looking at it from their perspective, they want you to keep the money in longer in hopes you spend it gambling with them.

Does it matter which type of progressive jackpot I play?

You’re going to find that there are little to no differences in how a progressive jackpot slot machine is played. You put up your money and spin. Part of the allure of slot machines is how simple they are. You don’t have to actually play a game like poker or blackjack. You don’t have to think about where to place your bets for return like keno or roulette. You simply put up your credits (or tokens, equivalent) and spin the wheel. 

Does it matter which machine I play?

  • Area wide machines are going to have steeper odds but also bigger progressive jackpots, as this reward is spread out over an entire network of machines.
  • Proprietary machines, conversely, you’re going to find that your odds are a bit better, but the payout isn’t as large.

Are there any risks with a progressive pot?

There are no more risks gambling with a progressive machine than with a standard machine, or any type of gambling. Always remember to gamble responsibly, in moderation. As far as having to risk a lot of money, a progressive machine won’t cost you more than a normal one. 

We want to add that there’s always a risk with any sort of gambling, so we want to reiterate that you should always gamble responsibly. Never get in over your head. Never start chasing money if you lose it. Never over-extend yourself.

Progressive jackpot slot machines were designed to entice you in with a huge reward. They’re meant to be fun. Just remember this and approach gambling on these machines like you would any other. We wish you the best of luck at winning that next huge progressive jackpot!



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