The Matrix by Playtech

4.9 /5
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The Matrix by Playtech Features

  • Matrix Film Theme

The Matrix by Playtech Information

  • RTP : 95%
  • Paylines : 50
  • Reels : 5
  • Rows : 4
  • Min & Max Bet : $0.25 / $200
  • Jackpot : 500
  • Bonus Game : No
  • Free Spins : Yes
  • Wild Symbol : Yes
  • Multiplier : No


  • Great graphics and sound effects
  • Recognizable theme
  • Exciting bonus features
  • High payout potential


  • Similar to other movie-themed slots
  • Complex gameplay
  • Low variance

Fans of science fiction cinema are all too familiar with The Matrix franchise. The first film came out in 1999, kickstarting a billion-dollar trilogy. The movie is a seminal classic. Not only did it change film forever, but it even sparked ongoing philosophical and ethical discussion. Fans continue to way eagerly for the next addition to the franchise. However, Playtech is giving you other ways to immerse yourself in the sci-fi world by creating its iconic Matrix slot. 

The Matrix slot is an officially licensed game developed for the 1999 movie. It’s a gorgeous title featuring eye-catching graphics, familiar sound effects, and even authentic footage. More than just fan service, the slot game offers plenty of ways to win big.  

Unique gameplay mechanics add a fun twist to the old-school gaming experience. All the while, iconic imagery cements the theme and puts you in the middle of the action. 

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About The Matrix Slot 

Licensed slot games are nothing new. You can find titles modeled after all kinds of movies, TV shows, and media franchises. However, The Matrix is something special. It’s an impactful series that continues to captivate. Look no further than this game’s history for proof. 

Despite the first Matrix film coming out in 1999, this game launched in 2017. It came out a full 18 years after the movie debuted! Even after all that time, it quickly became a hit among online casino players.  

There’s no doubt that the provider’s reputation played a part in that success. The rights to develop a slot game went to Playtech. Playtech is a development powerhouse and is one of the most trusted names in the online casino realm. 

They used their expertise to create a true casino masterpiece. The Matrix slot is a five-reel slot game with 50 fixed paylines. You can’t remove or adjust potential paylines when forming your best. Furthermore, winning combinations pay left to right only. While those details might limit gameplay a bit, The Matrix still offers plenty of flexibility.


Playtech hit it out of the park as far as aesthetics go. The game’s theme is recognizable the moment it loads up. 
The first thing you’ll see is the iconic green Matrix code in the backdrop. It falls and moves with every spin, recreating a familiar look from the film. 
Meanwhile, familiar sound effects and ambient music play in the background. Most of it comes from the movie, further cementing the theme. 
The animations are smooth and perfectly complement the vivid graphics. As you would expect, the standard symbols are now Matrix-themed. You’ll see those signature code symbols pop up. Characters like Agent Smith, Morpheus, and Trinity make an appearance, too. Fans will also recognize essential elements, such as sunglasses, a telephone, and colored pills.

How to Play The Matrix Slot

Playing The Matrix slot is a breeze. As mentioned earlier, the five-reel game has no adjustable paylines. 
As a result, setting up spins takes only a few seconds. Line bets can be as low as £0.01, creating a total bet of only £0.50. Alternatively, you can risk it all with a total wager as high as £500.00! Simple plus and minus buttons on the bottom of the screen let you make those selections. The game updates the bet value as you go. 
When you’re ready, hit the big red “SPIN” button. The reels come to life, revealing your fate. If you win something, the game automatically highlights the payline. The value of your winning bet appears as well. 

How Much Can You Win? 

To win The Matrix slot game, you must have three, four, or five matching symbols. How much you win depends on the initial bet and the specific symbol combination you get. 
The maximum win is 500x your total stake. The most valuable symbols are of The Matrix characters. Agent Smith offers the highest payout of all. 
Overall, The Matrix slot has an RTP of 95.14 percent. That’s a bit lower than the average slot RTP of 96 percent. But when you compare this game to other licensed titles, it falls in line with the norm. 
The maximum payout isn’t as high as other games. But, The Matrix slot does give you many opportunities to win.


Playtech uses several unique symbols. Each one is instantly familiar to Matrix fans. 
On the lower end, we have the code symbols. There are four varieties here, but each one pays the same. If you’re lucky enough to land on a winning combination, you’ll get 0.2X, 0.3X, or 1X the stake. 

Next are the sunglasses and telephone symbols. When you land on these, you can get 0.6X, 1X, or 1.25X of your stake. 

Sunglasses symbol
Telephone symbol

The most valuable symbols are the characters. Combinations of three, four, or five Trinity symbols grant a reward of 0.8X, 1.5X, or 3X the stake, respectively.  


Combinations with Morpheus are worth 1X, 2.5X, and 4X. Meanwhile, Agent Smith combinations come with a prize of 1.2X, 3X, or 5X. 

Agent Smith

Like most slot games, The Matrix also has wild symbols. But what makes this title unique is that it uses two different types of wilds. 
The first is the Neo wild, which is a “codified” version of the main character. It substitutes most of the symbols to create a winning combination. The only exception is the free games scatter symbol—more on that in a bit. 
The Neo wild pays 2X, 6X, or 10X the stake, making it very valuable. 

Neo Wild

The second wild symbol you can get is the black cat. A familiar icon in the movies, this random cat can act as a simple wild. However, it also plays a more prominent role in triggering a unique bonus.

black cat wild

The Matrix Slot Bonus Features 

The great thing about The Matrix slot is that it has several bonus opportunities. These bonus rounds spice up the gameplay and give you more ways to win. The game doesn’t have a traditional jackpot value. However, it’s rich with multipliers and wild symbols. 
To trigger a bonus, you must land on a specific symbol combination.

Deja Vu Shuffle 

The first bonus on The Matrix Slot is the Deja Vu Shuffle. Remember those black cat wilds we mentioned earlier? If the cats cover the entire fifth reel, something different happens. 

The symbol comes to life, playing a clip of the film. Then, the fifth reel duplicates the first reel. Once that happens, every character on the screen shuffles positions. Because you have two full reels of wilds, there’s a good chance that you’ll get a winning combination! 
It’s a potentially lucrative bonus. Plus, the unique animations that occur make it an exciting occurrence! 

Free Spin Games 

The Matrix slot has two free game bonuses. They’re both triggered by landing on the free games scatter. Once again, Playtech does a fantastic job of tying this feature to the movie. The scatter symbol is the iconic red and blue pills. You must get the symbols on reels one, three, and five to trigger the free spin games. 
Once you achieve that feat, you get to choose between the red and blue pill!  
Clicking on the red pill launches the Agent Smith game. With this bonus, you get eight free spins. Here’s the kicker: Each new spin adds more Agent Smith symbols. Like the films, the character will eventually overwhelm the screen. 
Because Agent Smith is a high-paying symbol, your chances of landing on a generous combo are very high! 
If you don’t want to deal with Agent Smith, click on the blue pill after triggering the bonus. Doing so launches the Nebuchadnezzar free game. Fans of the movie know that Nebuchadnezzar is the name of the ship captained by Morpheus. Think back to the film, and you can probably guess what this bonus game entails! 
This bonus game has unlimited free spins. As you play, Sentinel robots swarm the reels. The Sentinels are the killing robots in the movie. In this game, they act as wild symbols to maximize winnings. While you want the symbols to appear, you don’t want them to take over. Once six Sentinels appear on the screen, the bonus round is over. 
Luckily, EMP symbols are there to save the day. When an EMP appears, all Sentinel wilds disappear from the screen. As a result, the free spin bonus continues. 

The Matrix Slot on Mobile 

The Matrix is a fully optimized game you can play anywhere. Playtech developed it using HTML5, making it fully compatible with most mobile browsers. The best part is that you don’t need to download a standalone app. You can visit it on smartphones, tablets, and more. As long as the browser is compatible, it should run the same as if it would on a desktop! 

Is The Matrix Slot Worth a Shot? 

If you’re a fan of The Matrix film, this game is a no-brainer. It’s beautifully designed and has all the fan service you could want! 
But even if you’re not a fanatic, this game has a lot to offer. The bonuses are particularly enticing. Not a lot of slot games have multiple free spin rounds that you can choose. Pair that with the unique shuffle bonus, and this game gives you a lot of lucrative opportunities.  
Its maximum win isn’t the highest in the industry. Other games have the potential to win much larger payouts. However, The Matrix’s unique gameplay makes it a worthy title for players of any skill level. 

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