Mega Moolah by Microgaming

4.8 /5
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Mega Moolah by Microgaming Features

  • Huge Jackpots
  • Special Features
  • Very popular

Mega Moolah by Microgaming Information

  • Software: Microgaming
  • RTP : 88.12%
  • Paylines : 25
  • Reels : 5
  • Rows : 3
  • Min & Max Bet : 0.25 - 6.25
  • Jackpot : 750
  • Bonus Game : No
  • Free Spins : Yes
  • Wild Symbol : Yes
  • Multiplier : Yes


  • Huge jackpots
  • African safari theme
  • Bonus features
  • Wide range of betting options


  • Low RTP
  • High variance
  • Outdated design
  • Difficulty triggering the progressive jackpot

These days, online slot games are a dime a dozen. Thousands of titles draw players in with their fun graphics, quirky themes, and big jackpots. But one title, in particular, is the epitome of testing Lady Luck! The Mega Moolah slot offers a Vegas-style playing experience with a very enticing twist!

How to Play the Game

Mega Moolah is a popular online slot game that features 5 reels and 25 paylines. The objective of the game is to spin the reels and match up symbols on the paylines in order to win cash prizes. To get started, players must choose their bet size and select the number of paylines they want to activate. Then, they can hit the spin button to set the reels in motion.

The game also features a wild symbol, represented by a lion, which can substitute for any other symbol to help create winning combinations. Additionally, there is a scatter symbol, represented by a monkey, which can trigger the game’s bonus round where players have the chance to win one of four progressive jackpots.

The Game’s Theme

Mega Moolah has a fun and colorful theme that is inspired by the African safari. The game features symbols such as lions, elephants, giraffes, and zebras, as well as classic slot symbols like 10, J, Q, K, and A. The background of the game is a beautiful sunset scene with trees, grass, and mountains in the distance. The game’s soundtrack also adds to the safari atmosphere with tribal drums and other African-inspired sounds. Overall, the game’s theme is engaging and immersive, transporting players to a wild and exciting world of adventure and big wins.

Playing Mega Moolah for Free vs. Real Money 

Online casinos offer unmatched flexibility. Whether you’re a seasoned slot enthusiast or a novice, you can play how you want. But should you play for free or with real money? Here are some considerations to think about!

Reasons to Play for Free 

  1. Understand the Game
    If you’re not familiar with slots, free plays are the best way to learn. There’s no money on the line, so you can make mistakes without any risks.
  2. Learn the Paylines
    Slot reels can get confusing if you don’t have any experience. Playing for free lets you see the symbols and payline structure. Learn to identify winning lines before you start betting.
  3. Play Without Signing Up
    In most cases, you can play free demos without creating a casino account.
  4. Test the Software
    Not sure if an online casino is right for you? Try out some free plays. You can test the software and make sure it’s up to snuff.
  5. Risk-Free Gaming
    If you prefer a relaxed gaming experience, try some free rounds. With no risks, you can enjoy the game without any pressure!

Reasons to Play for Real Money 

  1. Feed the Jackpot
    The only way to grow the progressive jackpot is to play for real money. Every bet sends a seed, making the jackpot swell!
  2. Experience the Thrill
    There’s no greater thrill than risking your money! It’s the best part of casino gaming!
  3. Put Your Hat in the Ring
    Want a chance to win those massive jackpots? The only way to do that is by playing with real money! Free plays don’t provide any winnings.
  4. Full Game Access
    Oftentimes, free games have limitations. You might not gain access to bonus or jackpot rounds. With real money, however, you can.
  5. Enjoy Bonuses and Promotions
    If a casino has welcome bonuses and ongoing promotions, you should play for real money. Those perks only apply if you make a deposit.

Mega Moolah History & Origins 

Slot games are nothing new. The first slot machine came out in 1894. The rest is history! Since its introduction, slot machines became the go-to for thrill-seeking gamers. They are a staple in physical casinos.

As the casino scene grew, so did slot technology. Before long, five-reel games were taking over. Then, everything changed in 1994! The first online casino hit the Internet, creating an industry that’s still going strong.

The Mega Moolah slot game is a classic in the gaming world. Developed by Microgaming, it officially launched in 2006. But, its origins go back a couple more years.

You see, Microgaming is one of the biggest developers in the business. It’s been around since the beginning and is responsible for many innovations. Microgaming was one of the first developers to create a progressive jackpot game exclusive to online casinos. That game, titled Cash Splash, was a huge hit. Launched in 2004, it rewarded moderately high payouts.

Many believe that Cash Splash was Microgaming’s way of testing the progressive jackpot waters. Just two years later, Mega Moolah was born!

Almost two decades later, Mega Moolah continues to be one of the most exciting slot games. It set the stage for other progressive slots. However, this title is one of the most rewarding. With several jackpot options, it has a knack for rewarding huge payouts!

In fact, the biggest online jackpot in history came from Mega Moolah. In 2015, a player won £13.2 million. It became a Guinness World Record. Then, in 2018, it awarded €18.9 million! Needless to say, its moniker of “Millionaire Maker” is well-earned.

How to Play the Game

Playing Mega Moolah is pretty easy. But, it does require a bit of understanding about slot basics. The good news is that gameplay is relatively standard fare.

It’s a five-reel slot that features 25 playable lines on each spin. Like any other slot game, each reel features a bevy of symbols you can land on. This title has an African safari theme. So, you’ll see all kinds of wild animals on the reels and beyond.

As a progressive slot, there are a few different rounds. You have your base game, which operates as a normal slot. Then, you have your bonus round and jackpot rounds.

Mega Moolah Base Game

There are 10 standard symbols on the base game reels. These include the five playing card symbols and animal symbols. The playing card symbols are the 10, the Jack, the Queen, the King, and the Ace. Wins vary from two to 150 coins.

Animal symbols include the Kudu, the zebra, the giraffe, the buffalo, and the elephant. For the Kudu, zebra, and giraffe, you need to land at least three or more. Doing so will result in a 10 to 500-coin win. The buffalo and elephant only require two matching symbols. They provide winnings between four and 750 coins.


The game also has two additional symbols. The lion represents the wild. It substitutes any standard symbol to create a win. Not only that, but using it applies a 2X multiplier to your win! If you’re lucky enough to get two or more on a payline, you can also win big. Two lions reward 15 coins while five lions reward 15,000!

As always, you get to choose the paylines. You can choose to bet on only a few. Or, you can go all out and bet the full 25! The choice is yours. A card on the game screen displays possible win patterns, which is a huge plus.

Free Spin Round

In addition to the lion, you may see a unique purple creature, possibly a monkey. This creature is the scatter symbol. Landing at least three will trigger the free spin round.

In this round, you get 15 free spins. But, that’s not all. All wins in this round have a 3X multiplier! So, the maximum you can win on a single spin is 225,000 coins!

Jackpot Round

Jackpot rounds trigger randomly. Your chances of getting into the round increase the more you play.

With this round, you have the chance to win four different progressive jackpots! These include the Mini, the Minor, the Major, and the Mega jackpot. The Mini and Minor jackpots are more common. Typically, winnings are around £10 and £100 respectively. But, they can vary.

The gameplay is very simple. The round consists of a wheel with four different sectors. To win, you just have to land on one of the jackpot sectors. The red sector grants the Mini jackpot. The orange rewards the Minor jackpot while the yellow represents the Major jackpot. The one you want to land on is silver! It rewards the Major jackpot!

Mega Moolah Glossary


Coins refer to the bet per pay line. For this game, coin values vary from £0.01 to £0.05. You can choose how many coins to bet. With all the paylines in motion, the minimum is £1. However, the maximum is £5 per spin.

Wild Symbol

The wild symbol is the lion. It takes the place of any symbol you need to win. The lion can help you take larger payouts!


Paylines are the symbol combinations needed to win. You can see available paylines on the paytable before betting. Most slots also display them when you win.

Line Bets

Line bets are paylines you activate. You can choose which line bets to make, giving you control over the total bet.

Progressive Jackpot

This game is a progressive jackpot. That means that each bet provides a seed to an ever-growing jackpot amount.

Scatter Symbol

These symbols are the highest-paying on most slot games. In this title, the scatter symbol is the purple creature with orange hair. It triggers the free spin round and triples your winnings.


A seed is a fraction of the bet amount that goes to the progressive jackpot.

Our Top Tips to Maximize Your Mega Moolah Strategy

Like most slots, this game is all about testing Lady Luck! It’s a game of pure chance! That said, there are some ways to increase your odds of taking home some winnings.

  1. Study the Paytable

Slot games can get pretty confusing if you don’t understand paylines. Take a look at the paytable and familiarize yourself with it. Knowing the paylines helps you see where your potential wins can come from.

  1. Make Big Bets

If possible, steer clear of tiny bets. This technique is all about getting into the jackpot round. While it is random, bigger bets increase your odds. You can still get into the round with tiny bets. But, it may take longer to do so. Larger bets improve your odds.

  1. Play as Many Rounds as Your Budget Permits

This might seem contrary to the previous tip, but hear us out! If you have a set budget, try to get as many plays in as you can. Bigger bets can increase your chances of getting into the bonus round. But so does making more bets. The longer you play, the greater your odds of triggering the round. Use your money wisely. It’s smarter to make slightly smaller bets than only a handful of big ones.

  1. Play the Maximum Number of Lines

This game has a total of 25 paylines. Play them all with every spin! A higher number of paylines increases your chances of winning something.

  1. Set a Budget

Our last tip is to set a budget and stick to it. Some people get lost progressive slots in an attempt to trigger the bonus round. It’s more about how you play rather than how much you spend. Bet wisely and use your money strategically.

Mega Moolah FAQ

How are jackpots determined?

This game has four progressive jackpots. The jackpots get funding from seeds. A small amount of every bet goes into the jackpot pool, allowing it to grow.

The Mini and Minor jackpots usually equal around £10 and £100. They, too, can grow bigger. But, people win these jackpots more frequently, causing them to stay around the same figure.

The Major jackpot and Mega jackpot are the most elusive. They both can grow quite large. The Mega jackpot, in particular, grows to astronomical figures. It has a guaranteed value of at least £1,000,000. But, it regularly gets bigger thanks to those seeds.

What happens if someone wins the Mega Moolah slot jackpot?

After someone wins a jackpot, it resets. Interestingly enough, your odds of winning are the same regardless. It doesn’t matter whether someone won just minutes ago. Your odds do not decrease just because the jackpot fund depletes.

Seeds will continue to feed the jackpot. In most cases, it doesn’t take long for those sums to climb!

If you’re lucky enough to win a large jackpot, the casino will usually contact you. Winnings are usually paid in one large sum. Though, the casino might have to gather more aation before you can get your winnings. This includes identification verification and banking details.

Which country is the game available in?

The cool thing about this game is that it’s available in many different countries. Microgaming is one of the biggest software providers out there. Thus, it’s not hard to find an online casino to give the slots a spin.

Of course, laws and regulations can vary from country to country. Make sure to look for appropriate licenses before signing up!

The game is very popular within the UK. But, it’s available in other currencies, too. All funds help feed the jackpot regardless of your chosen currency. Jackpots values convert to the currency of the winner whenever someone gets lucky. So, you can win even if you’re not playing with GBP.

Can you play Mega Moolah for real money?

The best way to experience this game is with real money! Because it’s a progressive jackpot, Microgaming doesn’t have an official demo version. There are some slot simulators and free plays out there. So, you can still play for free.

But if you want the authentic experience of this title, you have to play for real.

Playing with real money lets you enjoy the thrill of the game! Plus, it’s the only way to win big. You must make real bets to trigger bonus rounds.

What is the RTP of Mega Moolah?

The RTP is the Return to Player percentage. It gives you a good idea of how much a slot rewards.

The stated RTP of this game is 88.12 percent. However, that only applies to the base game. When you factor in the progressive jackpot, the RTP is closer to 95 percent.

That’s on-par with most modern online slot games. Land-based slots usually have an RTP of 70 to 90 percent. But, online casinos offer much higher RTPS of around 94 to 95 percent. This game fits that criteria. It’s considered a low-volatility game with plenty of opportunities to win.