VIP Casino Reviews

When you gamble large sums of money on online casino games, you are considered to be a VIP. This means that online casinos will compete for your attention. A UK VIP casino is one that specializes in generous benefits for high rollers like you.

Each casino is different. That’s why you need a VIP casino comparer. We produce reviews of VIP casinos so that you can make a comparison. Our professional staff has vast experience in testing and reviews of online casinos.

The online casinos for VIPs that we review are all legitimate places to play. Our reviews can help you avoid getting lost amid the mix of scam casinos and authentic ones.

Our goal is to guide you to the casinos that will reward your VIP status with various benefits. Free bonus cash, free slot machine spins, and even free swag can be yours when you use our trusted reviews to choose your high roller casino.

Remember, a casino deal that seems too good to be true usually is. Our reviews will help you identify which deals are worthy of your VIP status.

Beginners Guide – What is a VIP Casino? When is someone a high roller?

A VIP or high roller casino is one that focuses on the player who gambles large sums of money. A VIP is also sometimes called a high roller or whale. These individuals consistently spend money playing their favorite casino games online.

A VIP casino rewards this type of player with free cash and other perks. These benefits can add up to thousands of pounds each month. The casino wants the VIP to keep coming back for more action. Casinos will do almost anything to retain their loyal players.

Qualifying for VIP status is usually reserved for the experienced gambler. A beginner does not often get rewarded in this way. The casino needs time to evaluate the player’s action before they will bestow VIP benefits.

The standards that must be met in order for a player to become a VIP can vary from casino to casino. There is no hard and fast rule. Designating a player as a VIP is discretionary at the hands of the casino.

If you try to ask an online casino what the requirements are, you’ll probably be denied an answer. A high roller casino will tend to protect its process for choosing VIPs. That is where we can help.

Our team of industry professionals has sought out the answers you need from VIP casinos. We share with you the information you need to attain VIP status in a short period of time.

Benefits for High Rollers

Each online casino has its own benefit programs for VIP players. It is common for online casinos to compete to see which can provide the best rewards.

A VIP casino may focus on offering up generous amounts of free bonus cash to loyal players. Another high roller casino may choose to award loyalty points. All of these can be used to the player’s advantage.

In our VIP casino reviews, we look at the pros and cons of high roller benefits. We seek to explain which benefits have the most value for you. Each gambler is different. The benefit that appeals to you might not appeal to other players.

You will find that the benefits below are common among many VIP casinos.

Free Cash for Online Gambling

Everyone loves free money. It should come as no surprise that VIP online casinos like to hand out bonus money to loyal players. This money can be given in many ways.

There are deposit bonuses which add money to the VIP’s account whenever the player makes a deposit. Some online casinos offer cashback on the total amount of money a VIP wagers in a month.

Some casinos will have random drawings for free cash. A VIP can earn entries for the drawing by playing their favorite gambling games.

Offering free cash is a win-win for the online casino. The money usually comes with a play-through requirement. This means it cannot be withdrawn until the player has wagered it a certain number of times. Free cash entices most players to stick with the casino that they have chosen.

A Dedicated Casino Host

All VIP players are usually given a dedicated casino host to resolve any issues that arise. This host is responsible for all treatment when it comes to a VIP. They can provide comps, free casino spins, merchandise, and more.

The biggest advantage of having a dedicated casino host is better customer service. The VIP is able to take any complaint to their host. Such complaints are usually resolved instantly.

Casinos have one goal in mind when it comes to their high rollers. This is keeping them in the casino. A casino host is able to spot any potential problems that can arise and resolve them before the player leaves.

Trips and Physical Merchandise

There are some online casinos which also have physical properties. These casinos can reward the VIP with free resort stays and other merchandise.

Many players refer to casino merchandise as swag. Swag can include logo shirts, hats, and other types of clothing. There are some large casinos which even offer things like golf clubs and expensive luggage to VIPs.

Reload Bonuses

Some casinos offer VIPs a standing reload bonus. This is an amount of free cash that is added to the player’s casino account each time they make a deposit. This can add up to thousands over the course of a year.

In many VIP casinos the amount of money goes up in proportion to the amount of the deposit. The players who reload the most money to their account will receive the largest bonuses.

Select Entries into Drawings and Tournaments

Some casinos host tournaments, drawings, and other events exclusively for VIP players. These events are one more way for the player to win money as a VIP.

Free VIP slot tournaments are very popular. In this tournament, the VIP is given a free entry to compete against other high rollers. The person who has the highest total at the end of the tournament wins cash.

Bonus drawings are held every week by many online casinos. VIP players earn entries into these drawings by playing their favorite casino games. The more a player spends, the more entries they receive.

Loyalty Points

Loyalty points have become a very popular type of VIP promotion at many casinos. This type of promotion gives the VIP points for every dollar they spend. The points can then be exchanged for items in a specially-designed VIP store.

The offerings in a VIP loyalty point store can vary from casino to casino. They can include branded apparel, playing cards, and other items with the casino’s logo.

The most popular item is usually free cash or free spins. The casinos love to give these away because they keep players in the casino.

What Are the VIP Loyalty Programs – Types?

There are several VIP loyalty programs common to online and live casinos. The casino usually chooses the program it feels works best for maintaining VIP players. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages.

When you are selecting a VIP casino based on our reviews, give thought to which loyalty program is best for you. The program that you choose should be one that will allow you to maximize your rewards throughout the year.

Points Program

This is perhaps the most common type of VIP program at UK casinos today. Players are given points for the money that they gamble in the casino. These points determine the player’s VIP level.

The main advantage of this program is that it is fair. It rewards all players equally based on activity. More rewards can be unlocked as more points are earned.

Spend Program

In this VIP program players are rated on the amount of money they spend. The casino then makes a discretionary determination to award VIP status. Most casinos will not tell players how much money they need to spend to achieve VIP status.

A disadvantage of this program is that players are not always rewarded in the same way. Two players who spend the same amount of money may be regarded differently as VIPs. It is up to the casino to decide who qualifies and who does not.

Tiered Program

The tiered program is the one often used at live casinos. In this type of VIP program, the player is able to proceed through levels until they reach the top spot for high rollers.

Many casinos like this type of program because it encourages the player to pursue the next tier. Players earn tier credits based strictly on the amount of money that they wager on casino games.

Club Program

The club VIP program is not as popular today as it was many years ago before the days of online gambling. This type of program required the participant to pay a fee for joining. In exchange, the player was given immediate VIP status.

Members could receive discounts on hotel stays, car rentals, and other perks. Very few casinos offer this type of program today.

Hybrid Casino Bonus Programs

A hybrid VIP program is one that combines two or more of the aforementioned programs. The most common type of hybrid program is one that uses both tiers and points to award VIP status.


What is a high roller?

A high roller or VIP is a player that consistently gambles large sums of money at an online casino. In the old days of live casinos the high roller was usually associated with table games. Today a high roller can also be a slots player or someone that likes video poker.

There is a certain mystique about high rollers. They are often depicted in Hollywood films as individuals who live a glamorous lifestyle. Indeed, there are high rollers today who make a living from online gambling.

What is a “whale”?

A whale is the name given by casinos to the players who spend the most money. An online casino will usually do anything they can to keep these players coming back.

A whale can go on massive swings because of the amount of money that they wager. They can be up one moment and down the next. Sometimes whales may also have a gambling addiction.

How much do I need to gamble to be considered a high roller?

There is no hard and fast amount that you can gamble to become a high roller. Each casino evaluates players differently. Casinos also take into account many other factors in addition to the total amount of money that you bet.

Casinos like to see consistency. Anyone can gamble for a few hours and look like a high roller. When their money is gone, the player disappears. A high roller is always in the game. They are not affected by the variance or swings common to gambling.

What are the best high roller games?

There was a time when you had to play table games to be considered a high roller. Today, there are many high rollers who only play slots. Progressive slots are one of the best high roller games.

Table games like baccarat and blackjack are also good for high rollers. Many whales like to try their hand at craps. They like the dice game because it is possible to win or lose vast sums of money in a short time.